Our Physiotherapists are able to provide patients with a comprehensive musculoskeletal assessment that incorporates assessment of posture, range of motion of each joint, assessment of muscle strength and muscle balance.

The information obtained from this is used to recommend appropriate courses of action to correct any musculoskeletal issues found – this may include specific physiotherapy treatment, home exercise program or gym program.

It is a useful tool for reducing the risk of injury or development of pain resulting from poor movement patterns and posture. It is also useful for sports people who may be looking for an edge on their competitors through the advantage of greater core stability, correct muscle balance and improved biomechanics.

Questions we ask as part of a musculoskeletal assessment?

To understand, in as much detail as possible, the history of your condition we will ask you:

  • When did the problem start
  • Was there an injury sustained, or
  • Did the problem arise for no apparent reason

We need to know how your symptoms respond to certain activities we also:

  • What makes the pain worse
  • What eases the pain
  • What has no effect on the pain

If your pain fluctuates during the day and how it feels at night is also important.

We also need to know:

  • Relevant past injuries, similar or different
  • Are you taking any medication
  • Have X-Rays or other scans been performed
  • State of your general health

Assessments include

The physical assessment assists us to determine how your symptoms respond to movement of the affected part of the body We also assess  the effects of adjustments in posture and alignment.

Specific tests can be delivered which are useful in determining which structures may be at fault by gently provoking or loading them to see if if your pain is reproduced.

  • Posture
  • Range of joint motion
  • Muscle strength
  • Muscle balance

Outcomes include

  • Specific physiotherapy
  • Home exercise program
  • Gym program
  • Pilates program
musculoskeletal assessment