Physiotherapy services in Blackwood. Our therapists are highly experienced in providing fast and effective management for all spinal and joints of the body together with all the muscles, ligaments and tendons that control their movement.

Musculoskeletal injuries or pains which result from activities of daily living are treated with hands on manual therapy, massage or manipulation.

Advice and education are given along with an appropriate home exercise program to help with strength, stretching and core stability for you to recover.

Why Physiotherapy?

Regardless of you lifestyle characteristics, there is a high chance over the years that you would have had needed to go to see a physiotherapist. A trip to the physiotherapist can do wonders for a range of ailments, whether to prevent further injuries, treat a significant injury or to simply relieve “knots” in your muscles. It’s important to seek a physiotherapy professional when it comes to managing pain so we’ve provide just a few reasons why you should make an appointment.

Pain Management

If you are currently suffering from any chronic pain, physios can use a range of techniques ranging from massage to dry needling which can assist you have a swift recovery, so you can return to your daily activities or sport.

Range of Motion

Generally when you have an injury your range of motion reduces and impacts your ability to do many everyday activities. When you stop moving as much as you normally would your whole range of motion decreases, so it’s often a good idea to keep the rest of your body moving. Our physiotherapists can provide you with a range of exercises to do at home, which aims to keep your range of motion and mobility.

Rehabilitation and exercise

For a fast recovery it is a good idea to see one of our physiotherapists as soon as possible as rehabilitation is an important part in your recovery. You should take the necessary precautions to prevent the same injury, or a further one, from happening again. It’s important to strengthen muscles adjacent to the injury site as it recovers. Blackwood physiotherapist will assess your injury and capability, and provide you exercises to do at home. At every follow up treatment, your physio will measure the level of improvement and accordingly increase or decrease the exercise intensity or number given.

General Well-being

Physiotherapy can enable you to return effectively to everyday activities. For a speedy recovery Physiotherapy might be a great option for you. If you are unsure how Blackwood Physiotherapy could assist you please contact our friendly receptionist or one of our physio’s who are ready to discuss your requirements.

Sports Injury Treatment

  • Manipulation
  • Accupuncture
  • Dry Needling
  • Massage
  • Cause Diagnosis

Self Help

  • Rest
  • Immobilisation
  • Pain Medication
  • Hot Pack
  • Make an appointment